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Author Spotlight: Cynthia A. Morgan

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The Author Spotlight series featured on this blog showcases writers and their work. Writing can be a fulfilling but lonely journey - so why not have some fun and make a few friends along the way? Let’s get to know Cynthia A. Morgan (@MorganBC728):

What inspired you to start writing?

I have been creating stories and poems since I was old enough to hold a crayon, so I guess I was born a writer, but until 2014 I had no idea how to take the step from hobbyist to published author. It was only when a friend took an invested interest in my story Dark Fey and helped me figure out how to turn my manuscript into a Kindle Direct Publishing-ready document that I could realize the dream. She even went so far as to hold a publishing party for me with my closest friends and family. (Thanks Jena!)

What are common traps/mistakes for aspiring writers?

Too many people don't even try or give up... The standard “Don’t Give Up” sounds so trite, but it’s very true. I read a quote by a fellow indie author who said, “It took me years to become an overnight success” and I would tend to agree. The supplementary “Believe in Yourself” is also tried and true because if you don’t, it will show and no one else will either. However, we all know these already, so I would offer, create characters you believe in, whom you either love or hate. If you aren’t interested in a character, there’s no reason your readers will be.

What is something you loved but had to edit out of this book that was like sawing off a limb (isn’t writing fun)?

Fortunately, my publisher does not do creative content editing... It's left entirely to my own discretion, so I haven't really had to do that. HOWEVER, trying to whittle a 100K word book down to 300 characters or less for website book descriptions is a nightmare!

Tell us a little bit about your story and what inspired you to write "Clandestine".

The Dark Fey Trilogy is based on the true life events of the LRA or Lord's Resistance Army - a rebel militant group in Uganda that has for over 20 years abducted children and forced them to be come soldiers to fight in their war. The story shares the nightmare of abduction and the bitter struggle to retain hope, as well as the challenges faced by those who escape and return home.

The Mercy Series takes place after The first Horsemen, Pestilence, War and Famine, have shifted world-wide cultures and governments from technologically advanced civilizations to dictatorships that are ruled with an iron-fist. Social structures have returned to what they were during the Middle Ages and commoners have very few rights. Liberty is a distant memory. It tells the story of a harsh new reality that exists on Earth with characters that are equally harsh. The story speaks about the courage to be kind in the face of cruelty. To be compassionate without motive. To show thankfulness through kindness and appreciate blessings through generosity.

If you had to describe the main character in three words, what would those three words be?

The main character Tzadkiel is Mercy, Patience and Fire.

How can we purchase your book?

Author site:

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