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Author Spotlight: Richard Gibbard

The Author Spotlight series featured on this blog showcases writers and their work. Writing can be a fulfilling but lonely journey - so why not have some fun and make a few friends along the way? Let’s get to know Richard Gibbard (@gibbard_richard):

What inspired you to start writing?

I've always loved storytelling and the fantastical. When I started researching mythical creatures from around the world, I came up with the idea for my book series. Writers like J.K Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien influenced me.

What are common traps/mistakes for aspiring writers?

Stay away from vanity publishers.

Professional edit = quality control, and quality will make or break your image.

Outline your book to avoid writer's block, consistency errors, and flow problems.

What is something you loved but had to edit out of this book that was like sawing off a limb (isn’t writing fun)?

My book series has the "Codex Of Creatures", a magical tome that the protagonist needs to complete and protect from dark forces. Because of this and my love for mythical creatures, I have pages of info on mythical creatures around the world. Originally at the start of each chapter, I started with a "codex entry" of a mythical creature (quick facts). When I decided it broke up the flow between chapters too much, it was after I have finished entries for over 50 chapters. It was fun and I loved how it looked, but I had to cut it. I still have all 50+ codex entries on a Google doc.

Tell us a little bit about your story and what inspired you to write “The Codex Of Tyler Grayson: Creatures Among Us.

The Codex Of Tyler Grayson: Creatures Among Us, is the first in a planned five book series. It follows Tyler (18) as he takes on his family's secret legacy as the Codex Scribe; tasked with filling in the blank pages of Codex while also protecting it from the demons who plan on using the book for their own agenda. Along the way, Tyler not only learns the way of the Magi (magic wielding swordsmen) but makes new friends; both human and mythical.

This all came from the years of researching mythical creatures, and one day I said to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if there was a website, or maybe a book, that had all the world's mythical creatures." That is the birth of my story.

If you had to describe the main character in three words, what would those three words be?

Loyal. Plucky. Potential.

How can we purchase your book?

The Codex Of Tyler Grayson: Creatures Among Us is available on Amazon in E-book, paperback and hardback.

The Codex Of Tyler Grayson: Forged In Fire, is in the works, so follow me on Twitter to keep up to date on its release.

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